Top 6 Southeast Asian Real Estate Market in Terms of Livability

Southeast Asian Cities with Great Neighborhoods

As a developer or buyer looking for your next big real estate project, what are the things that you should look for in a location?

Well, you have the usual things to consider like price points and the size. But then there’s also the neighborhood: what the surrounding area is like (and the whole city to a larger extent), proximity to important establishments, and the conveniences available if you’re ever going to make it a home for yourself or for your target market. These all affect the livability of the place, which in turn impact the marketability of the place and your overall return of investment.

This list aims to help you get started. Let’s take a look at some cities in Southeast Asia that boast of great neighborhoods with focus on livability. Drawing heavily on an annual study by the HR consultancy firm Mercer, we have whipped up a short roster of Southeast Asian cities that stand out in terms of quality of living. We added a couple of places to the mix. These all have a stable political, social, economic, and socio-cultural environment and offer access to important establishments and conveniences like medical and health facilities, housing, schools, public services and transportation, recreation, and consumer goods.

Mercer uses this Quality of Living index to help multinational companies and employers place international job assignments efficiently and appropriately. But they’re also a great resource to determine the best places to find a home. We also added some other helpful information from various sources.

So—these are six cities that have stood out for us.


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