8 Most Livable Cities in the Philippines

Livable Cities in the Philippines

Your Crème de la Crème in Terms of Economy, Governance, Infrastructure, and Resilience

Ah, the Philippines. A lush, tropical land with over 7,100 islands, 1,489 municipalities, 81 provinces, and 145 cities—all great options for finding a place to live in. After all, what makes a place livable may vary from one person to another. One may prefer big cities over small towns for accessibility, or remote islands over metropolitan areas for peace and quiet—and the Philippines has all that and more.

But there will always be some that outrank the others. And in this article, we list the cities that stand out in terms of competitiveness. This means that these areas use resources efficiently enough propped by sound governance that it improves the standard of living—making it more livable for its residents.

But how exactly do you determine competitiveness? The National Competitiveness Council in the Philippines (NCC) measures it in four ways: a city’s economy (the capacity for business expansion and job creation), government efficiency (the quality and reliability of government services and support), infrastructure (physical building blocks that help sustain the city), and resiliency (the capacity to perform despite problems or stressors that may come up).

These make up the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index, a national framework that’s used as a guide for assessing an area’s development, choosing business locations, creating reforms, picking vacation spots—and in this case, determining the best places to live in the Philippines.

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