How Can Tech Startups and the Community Connect Better with MSME?

How Can Tech Startups and the Community Connect Better with MSME?

Technology, as we all know, is the great equalizer.

It’s the best tool that any MSME can use to compete with their bigger counterparts. Startups, on their end would benefit with getting traction with MSMEs because they comprise the bigger slice of the economic pie, at 99.6% to be exact. Logically, it would seem easier for a startup to get to the decision maker of a small company, than it is to a big one.

So, if this a mutually beneficial arrangement, why can’t startups sell to MSMEs, and why is the adoption of technology so hard for the MSMEs?

Why are Startups having problem connecting with the small companies?

When we first brought MiDash (our sales software for real estate developers) to market, we initially targeted the small and medium sized developers. We had moderate success with the ones in our area for two reasons: 1) we knew the decision-makers personally, and 2) the decision makers were young and relatively tech savvy, hence it was an easier sale.

But when we ventured to sell to other similar-sized companies whose decision-makers were older, and were located outside our network of influence, we encountered huge challenges.


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