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Grace Barbara Granlund is a business advocate, a proud sales professional, and the fascinating mind behind MiDash, a cloud-based, client-facing real estate sales platform for real estate developers, their teams and their buyers.

Born in the province of Batangas, located south of Manila, and known for butterfly knives, strong coffee and feisty people, Grace embodies the spirit of this province. Raised in a mixed background of agriculture and industry, her childhood is a combination of rural and urban. Growing up, she was given more freedom to experience life on her own compared to her siblings, thus she developed self-reliance very early on.

Grace has a passion for literature and business, but her practical and competitive side won out, so she chose entrepreneurship as her main path in life. Writing her books was one of those things that are meant to be done later in life, but when the chance to write one came earlier than planned, she jumped at the opportunity. Although she wrote a book for her son during her pregnancy, a sex-education book written as a fairy tale, aptly named, “King Daddy, Queen Mommy and Me”, she considers this book her first work.

Fueled by Fear, Fortified by Pride, Powered by Logic was written out of her desire to show that success is possible despite being afraid, and that, fear and pride, and other basic instincts in life, are great fuels to success. Indeed, without it, success is not possible.